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A modern day hero

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“The greatest gift that you can give to others is the gift of unconditional love and acceptance”.
Brian Tracy

You may have heard the news story this week regarding Michael Garcia, a Houston waiter who defended a 5-year-old boy with Down’s syndrome.

Michael became upset when he heard a diner complaining about five year old Milo Castillo, the five year old son of a family of regulars, who has Down’s syndrome. The fellow customer had already moved his table away from the Castillo’s before rudely stating
“Special needs children need to be special somewhere else”.

Garcia recalled the incident and his reaction in an interview with KPRC-TV.

“My personal feelings took over and I told him, ‘I’m not going to be able to serve you, sir.'” Garcia continued, “He said, ‘If you’re not going to be able to serve us, then we’ll leave.’ Then I told him, ‘How could you say that? How could you say that about a beautiful 5-year-old angel?'”

The disrespectful customer then left with his family.

There have been many stories this week hailing Michael a hero but sadly many others condemning the use of this word for such a ‘small’ action.

My understanding of a hero is; “A person, who is admired for courage or noble qualities”.
In my book this describes Michael perfectly.


Author: thehappystarfish - living mindfully

Louise Jensen is an award winning Naturopathic Kinesiologist, Mindfulness Meditation Coach and Nutritional Therapist, and is certified in many other therapies, including the Mind Detox Method (as featured on Discovery Health) where she graduated from the Mind Detox Academy in record time. Louise has overcome living with a disability and has 13 years experience helping others to heal, and shares her experiences through freelance writing. In 2012, Louise co-created The Happy Starfish, dedicated to celebrating health, happiness and peaceful living. Louise offers Mindfulness Coaching via workshops and Skype and specialises in anxiety, depression and chronic pain.

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