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Celebrity chef turns to mindful eating


“How we prepare our food, how we consume our food really makes a difference in how our food satisfies us and shapes the role we give food in our lives. Is it something we stuff in to satisfy an urge or something we savor to feed us physically and sustain us spiritually?” Mary De Turris Poust

Celebrity Chef Heston Blumenthal’s temper used to be as notorious as his food. Documented as chasing his enemies with a meat cleaver, a car and even threatening someone with a gun he admitted to suffering from fits of rage. Heston’s ex-wife often urged him to seek help with his anger which he did through a therapist, a cranial osteopath and a faith healer. Unable to sustain a sense of calm Heston turned to mindfulness two years after his divorce.

Heston now says his temper is under control due to integrating mindfulness into his daily life especially at meal times. 

Heston says “Mindfulness is just brilliant. It’s about being completely in the moment”. He says he has not lost his temper at all since he developed a practice “not even a frown. It’s like I’m a different person”.

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Louise Jensen is an award winning Naturopathic Kinesiologist, Mindfulness Meditation Coach and Nutritional Therapist, and is certified in many other therapies, including the Mind Detox Method (as featured on Discovery Health) where she graduated from the Mind Detox Academy in record time. Louise has overcome living with a disability and has 13 years experience helping others to heal, and shares her experiences through freelance writing. In 2012, Louise co-created The Happy Starfish, dedicated to celebrating health, happiness and peaceful living. Louise offers Mindfulness Coaching via workshops and Skype and specialises in anxiety, depression and chronic pain.

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