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Pick yourself up, dust off and start all over again


“Pick yourself up, dust off and start all over again”. Frank Sinatra 

I heard an interesting conversation on the radio this morning about Lent when the presenter stated he believed the purpose of Lent was to fail and learn some humility.

I don’t have the religious knowledge to pass comment on this but it did get me thinking about failure.

Failure can be construed as a negative word but it always brings with it a chance to reflect and refocus and try again. Having the patience  and self-belief to never give up on your dreams is what drives many people to success.

Walt Disney was once sacked by a newspaper editor as “he had no imagination and lacked good ideas”.  Thomas Edison’s teachers told him he was ‘too stupid to learn anything’, but that didn’t put him off, he tried 1000 times to invent the lightbulb before he got it right. Oprah Winfrey was fired from her reporting job as she was deemed “unfit for tv”. Fred Astaire was told he ‘couldn’t act, couldn’t sing and could only dance a little”.

Next time you are feeling demoralised, click on the link to play the song and start all over again.

Frank Sinatra – Start all over again.


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Louise Jensen is an award winning Naturopathic Kinesiologist, Mindfulness Meditation Coach and Nutritional Therapist, and is certified in many other therapies, including the Mind Detox Method (as featured on Discovery Health) where she graduated from the Mind Detox Academy in record time. Louise has overcome living with a disability and has 13 years experience helping others to heal, and shares her experiences through freelance writing. In 2012, Louise co-created The Happy Starfish, dedicated to celebrating health, happiness and peaceful living. Louise offers Mindfulness Coaching via workshops and Skype and specialises in anxiety, depression and chronic pain.

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