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I have attended the mindfulness course with Tim and Louise and can only describe it as life changing! 

Before starting this course, I spent so much time and energy on anxiety and negative ruminations, and the inability to accept my sons special needs as was in denial. All this impacted on my emotional well-being. As a sufferer of bipolar disorder, this only served to exacerbate the symptoms. 

Throughout the course, the course leaders were empathetic and made all members at their ease. They were able to tailor the content of the course to each individual situation so this made the techniques easier to relate to.
As a result of learning mindfulness I am more calm and in control of my life. The meditations give me some much needed head space, and the ability to cope with any difficult emotions in an accepting and loving way.

In conclusion, if you think mindfulness won’t work for you, I would strongly encourage you to give it a try, and live more peacefully in the present moment. After all, as the saying goes, the past is history, the future a mystery, but today is a gift, that’s why it’s called the present. EC – Corby


I would like to say a huge thank you for being asked to attend the Mindfulness course. I have felt so calm and looking at my life differently.  I no longer feel so stressed and depressed. The kindness of everyone at the group is making Mondays a time to look forward to. I feel that I have gained so much so that I can lead a much calmer and happy life knowing that there are fantastic help from groups like this willing to help people like me.  CA, Corby


My life has changed since joining stages in ways that can only be described as Amazing !! .I have been house bound socially awkward as a result of anxiety and depression couldn’t cope with exposure to new people or crowded areas .Through reading a testimony on a media sight I plucked the courage to email and find out what the idea of mindfulness and who would be in the group etc.
My group was in an evening and with it being winter months,despite my anxious arousal exceptionally high I turned up at the group I was warmly met by the facilitators’ (Louise and Tim). I struggled hugely the first evening however muddled to the end .Each week coming home with literature and meditation links I after a while really became part of my day ,a survival kit just for me ! I now manage school drop off, shopping and more importantly improve my friendship bond I have established with members of my group. KM,Corby.

With the thanks from social media I enquired about the mindfulness and thought I would give it a try. I completed the mindfulness as best as I could .The benefits I have from going to the course are humongous! I met two amazing facilitators who were warm, caring and very aware of the real life of pain suffering and depression .The group was guided gently and in laymans terms ! Meeting other people was huge challenge for myself and to be integrated in a small group with the most beautiful and kind souls helped myself and I could see the confidence and change within the groups as the weeks went on .The literature and cd of meditation is my life skill a bible if you like . I can genuinely say if I don’t use mindfulness in my day I do struggle and drain very quickly. The group of friends I have met have made me feel part of something very genuine and at the low times supportive. I love how after the group a firm bond has been sealed within us, without it I would continue to be lost within the mental health system which is shockingly overwhelmed and limited support. I’m humbled and so very grateful to all involved. KF Northants.

I suffer from agoraphobia, social phobia, anxiety and depression and am now a recovering addict.  I tried to attend a Mindfulness Course in July last year but didn’t get past the first session because I was still struggling with my alcohol addiction.  However, when I managed to get sober, I joined the November group.  Since attending the Mindfulness course my life has turned around.  I feel connected with friends who support me. I have lived here for almost 10 years and was unable to establish friendships due to my agoraphobia .  I feel that I now have a purpose and am able to talk to new people about how much I felt the group had helped me.  In the past I have felt let down by the lack of help from services such as CAN and the NHS.  WR, Corby

I’m so thankful for your contribution to my health and healing. I have come away from Mindfulness mediation with a better understanding and some great tools to help me present and future and the groups are so warm and welcoming, and I have made some wonderful new friends too.
I feel so much more positive and less stressed and better able to cope with difficult situations and I have a better acceptance of things. Thank you so much   LJ, Corby

I would like to give you feed back.  I was a front line worker depression ,anxiety and various health complications resulted in me being medically retired by the nhs despite being loyal to them for 18 years. My life spiralled out of control and happiness was zapped into pity .Then October 2012 I was in a horrific car accident which has even more impacted on my life and frustrations. To do the eight week program was a life send …..currently I’m not where I.want to be with the meditation and change which is frustrating me as I’m normally a fast learner and facilitator well was in the past .What the warmth support and empathy has gave me to date words just don’t justify it .I am now actually in company at sessions and following through with the literature. I will still need a while to go but your encouragement has brought back the spark I once had and need back. I am confident with support that once mastered by myself ….My future life plan will be training in this field it relates to me in all aspects .you have fired me up. Tim, Louise.I truly thank you immensely. Kind regards. K.F. Corby

Some days the sadness of bereavement overwhelms me . I function to a degree and mostly get through the days. I am starting on a new stage of my life and I needed to be refreshed on my inner wisdom and to learn different strategies to function more fully at this time. Not only to function more fully but to be compassionate and kind with myself when I need to do nothing. So, to learn to be, and feel ok with that is part of what I got from the course. This 8 week programme has helped me take the steps that are right for me. To remain in the present even if that is uncomfortable, knowing it will pass and to be grateful for what is in my life. And I believe it is helping me sleep better, that is the biggest change and I am thankful for that. I was on the verge of requesting medication as the lack of sleep has been disabling. LM Corby

I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to undertake the Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy course. Myself and my partner have benefited enormously from the skills this course has taught us.

The mindfulness meditation practice has helped me cope with both my own work related stress and my partner’s continuing recovery from alcohol abuse. It has helped me to improve my wellbeing step by step, leaving me with a daily practice I can rely on to calm me down when I am feeling overwrought and anxious. The group meetings were a good chance to share progress and setbacks in a very safe, non-judgemental and welcoming environment.

I have gained new perspectives from reflecting on my own behaviour and have started to see situations with fresh eyes, which has helped me to start to react to stress triggers differently.

I highly recommend this course to anyone who like me, suffers with depression, stress, anxiety and associated physical pain. MA, Corby

I am housebound due to a chronic health condition and wanted help to deal with the emotional distress this brings. I was thrilled Louise has come to my home to teach my Mindfulness and this has given me the tools to deal with my condition and the acceptance to begin to love myself again, just as I am. In-between sessions I play the CD provided and look forward to my daily meditation. CM – Northamptonshire.


I have been looking for ways to deal with my high pain levels and have been unable to find that support through the NHS. The Happy Starfish has thrown me a lifeline by offering home visits. I am enjoying the programme and have learnt that although it can not change my circumstances, it can change the way I feel about them. I was surprised that my pain has actually reduced, which I believe is because I am no longer so fixated on it. LM, Northants.


I have loved every second of this course that was really taught from the heart. Thank you, thank you, thank you. OG, Northampton

I started the Mindfulness course when I was alcohol dependant and during the course I successfully completed a medically assisted home detox as part of my ongoing recovery.  I had already tried going to AA and CA meetings for support, but couldn’t relate to them as they seemed quite religion based, which didn’t feel right for me.

However, this course has helped me massively as it has taught me coping mechanisms to deal with underlying depression, anxiety and urges to resume drinking.

My partner also did the mindfulness course and it has helped strengthen our relationship enormously, as we have grown together in self awareness, honesty and forgiveness of each other.

I was very apprehensive before the first session, but within minutes was made to feel at ease, with no pressure to share my thoughts and feelings,  unless I felt comfortable doing so.

Thank you for helping me turn my life around in a more positive direction. MN, Corby

Louise and Tim have such a passion for Mindfulness I felt completely swept along by their belief that it could change my life and it did! The MP3’s are great for meditating at home and the after course support was invaluable. Do it! JV, Wellingborough

I have found this Mindfulness course very helpful.  Being a person who has had depression and anxiety for a long period of time, I had developed unhelpful thinking patterns and behaviours.  Through mindfulness and the lovely complementary therapies that are part of the package I am a lot calmer and feel a lot more able to deal with my anxieties and emotional behaviour.  The tutors are warm and compassionate and have the experience and tools that guide you to being the strong, capable person you become when you practice the mindfulness skills .  I definitely recommend this wonderful course as a great way to help you to help yourself in a caring, positive way. CD, Corby

Mindfulness has allowed me through the guidance of the course leaders to recognise my strengths and build on my weaknesses. It has allowed me utilise the skills and techniques passed on to be used in my daily life to enable me to cope with my very stressful life as a full time working mother; with a challenging work environment. It has allowed me time to reassess my priorities and recognise what fulfils me and makes me stronger and happier. CA, Corby.

The Mindfulness Course has helped me in so many ways. I seem to be managing to cope with my busy life in a way that previously I had not thought possible. I was a regular meditator before this course anyway, but the course has extended my awareness to another level.  My husband suffers from several Mental Health conditions and is addicted to alcohol and has been in relapse now for almost a year following his longest period of sobriety last year. Mindfulness has given me the skills to be able to continue with my life in a more proactive way instead of reacting to my husband’s addiction. I have become more tolerant and forgiving and seem to be more productive at work and with my studies.  KR, Corby

The mindfulness course has helped me the learn to savour the moment that I am in. I have learned to bring my thoughts back to the present moment and enjoy all that it has to offer, using all of my senses. When I have felt overwhelmed by stress or anxiety, I have used lots of the techniques taught in mindfulness to dispel my racing thoughts and instead find peace in that moment of time. LD, Corby

I had been dealing with a difficult family situation for a while and had been searching for a drug free way to manage my low mood and anxiety, which was exacerbated by my inability to sleep. I saw Louise Jensen for six weekly sessions centred around Mindfulness. Louise was compassionate and after talking through my circumstances helped me to look at things from a different perspective, as well as teaching me to meditate.  The theory behind mindfulness was easy to understand and scientific research was interesting.

Outside of the sessions I was provided with a manual, MP’3s and a cd so I could practice every day between meetings, and could contact Louise at any time for additional support.
This course has been hugely beneficial to me, changing my relationship, not just with myself, but with those around me. I now feel I have the tools I need to deal with panic and anxiety and has greatly improved the quality of my sleep.  I will continue to practice the meditations daily.  I would certainly recommend to others. TP-Corby

8 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed the mindfulness course. As well as meeting a wonderful new bunch of people, including Louise and Tim, the course facilitators’, I felt comfortable and safe within the group setting which led me to receive valuable information, knowledge, education, training and understanding of new ways to tackle the issues that I have been facing and trying to deal with for a long period of time, these difficulties entailed, stress, anxiety, change, among other deep rooted negative thoughts and believes I held firmly about myself. This course that I have just completed has helped me with the above mentioned negative thought and behavior patterns and so much more. I recommend this course to all who need both a helping hand for behaviour patterns that may be holding you back to others who can’t see light at the end of the tunnel, this course is magnificent xx

  2. Fantastic course, first class on every level, thank you so much Tim and Louise and Katie and not to mention Aron who without there kindness and generosity, i would have struggled to attend xx

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