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Dr. David Hamilton



I was lucky enough to meet with ‘Spiritual Scientist’ David Hamilton to gain an insight into his seventh book; ‘Is Your Life Mapped Out? Unravelling the Mystery of Destiny vs Free Will,’ published by Hay House.

So David, interesting title; what’s it actually about?

It’s exploring the balance that exists between the forces of destiny and the power of free will and demonstrating that they can, in fact, work simultaneously.  It’s the deepest book I have written and I think it’s my best book so far.

David this book contains your fascinating new theory ‘The Tree of Probable Life’.  You explain that there are multiple futures existing simultaneously. What then dictates which future we experience?

The tomorrow you experience is a consequence of the choices you make today.  Life is a process of jumping tracks and whatever choice you make there are branches available to you.  Reality and quantum physics dictates there are two or more different tracks running but we will only ever experience one.

Do you believe then that we can, to an extent, consciously influence our future?

Yes.  Momentum carries us along a predictable path as we think, on average, 90% of the same thoughts as yesterday.  When we question who we are and our beliefs, we can make a change to our future.

How will you respond to any cynics who question this theory?

I’d invite them to take a look at the science because that’s where we begin to see that stuff that previously might have sounded preposterous has now actually been done in the lab.



What will people to gain from reading this book?

An understanding that life is not mapped out.  There is a certain level of flux and consequently you have enormous potential to be whatever you want to be.

Does this book contain practical tools we can implement to enable us to reach our goals?

Yes it does.


It sounds fantastic. I can’t wait to read it.  I love the feeling of hope and positivity I get after reading your writings.  It’s a very refreshing contrast to the pessimism regarding the state of the planet and the human race we often hear about.  Can you please leave us with some optimistic words today?

The underlying nature of reality is oneness, unity.  Biologically we are all working towards love.  Kindness and compassion are causing our species to thrive. The future looks bright. It doesn’t really matter what you do as long as you do it with kindness. It’s all about love.

Beautifully put.  Thanks for your time today David.  I wish you every success with this book.

You can check out David’s website here.