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Polly Noble

PollySmallPolly Noble is the ultimate wellness warrior. After being diagnosed with cancer in her early 20s and trying the orthodox route which led to many side effects, Polly decided to metaphorically take hold of her cancer with both hands and kick the ass out of it by embarking on her own journey to heal naturally.

After years of researching and trying things to heal her mind, body and spirit Polly shares her knowledge through books, classes, workshops and retreats.

I often point clients touched by cancer (and those who aren’t) to Polly’s website which has a mind blowing amount of information on it. Polly’s strapline is “To inspire others to live a happier and healthier life and do everything in their power to achieve this in every moment”, and she does this in abundance.

Everyone could learn something from this amazing young woman regarding living fearlessly and I was honoured to get to interview her.

Hi Polly. I am an avid follower of your blog but for those that don’t know your journey so far could you please tell us the history of your cancer diagnosis and orthodox treatments you undertook?

I was diagnosed with cervical cancer at 24 and had keyhole surgery and simultaneous chemo and radiotherapy. The cancer returned in my lymph nodes in my neck for which I had radiotherapy on earlier this year. I have also just had 4 cycles on chemo.

Wow that’s such a lot to cope with both on an emotional and physical level. It was a brave step to take time out from conventional treatments and take the holistic approach to wellness. Did you meet with mixed reactions from those who love you?

My family and friends were totally supportive of my decision and my consultant was happy for me to do what I wanted even though it was against her recommendation of radiotherapy.

Receiving the right support can make so much difference. Diet is one of your biggies, you are such an advocate of juicing. Is everything you eat raw?

I’m not 100% raw but I do eat a lot of raw food in the form of juices and smoothies.

As a nutritional therapist I am pretty healthy but when I eat out I tend to have whatever I want. Clearly for you, you need to keep your diet consistently as clean as possible. Do you still manage to eat out socially?

Eating out isn’t a problem as I chose the healthiest and greenest thing on the menu as possible, cooked or raw. Sometimes I have been known to ask for a meal to be made from scratch with different veggies that are already on the menu.

It’s great when you come across an accommodating and creative chef. Where’s your health at now?

Improving everyday with my tumour markers getting lower and lower, which is a good thing.

That’s fantastic. Your positive mind set and desire to heal and really inspirational. I love that you share your journey. Would you change anything if you could?

Yes! I’d be cancer-free!

I look forward to the post when you are. Polly, what is the main lesson you have learnt you would like to pass on?

That you can live a perfectly normal and happy life even with cancer. It’s about how you deal with it on a daily basis that matters and makes a difference to your quality of life.

Very true and something that applies to all situations. Living in the Now really does make all the difference.

Polly you are one of the busiest people I know, thanks so much for taking time out of your day to talk to me.

You can check out Polly’s website here.