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Mind Detox Method

Mind Detox is an NLP based system, devised by Sandy Newbigging,  which enables the practitioner to access a client’s subconscious mind through a series of questions and uncover any false beliefs held there.

MDM is a way of helping people to reduce emotional stress by discovering and resolving significant emotional life events.

This stress reducing technique focuses on helping people to think about problematic events in their life from a more positive perspective.

We can hold onto negative emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, guilt, hurt and grief which can transpire due to emotional events which then embed a certain belief in us.  These beliefs can place us under undue emotional stress which, over time, may lead to physical conditions or an unhealthy mental state, i.e. anxiety, lack of self confidence or feeling ‘stuck’.

Through Mind Detox it is possible to access and change the belief system which enables the client to let go of negative emotions, resolve conflict and enhance mental clarity which in turn may then impact on their physical and emotional health and help them to fulfil their true potential.

This treatment, which has been featured on Discovery Health, is extremely empowering. Appointments also available via Skype.